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today at 01:54PM  by:shuri
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source 10 Positions Chess Engines Just Don't Understand
Since IBM's Deep Blue defeated World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov in their 1997 match, chess engines have only increased dramatically in strength and understanding. Today, the best chess engines are an almost incomprehensible 1,000 Elo points stronger than Deep Blue was at that time. A quick Google...
Sunday, May 16, 01:38AM  by:shuri
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source Watch A Waymo AV Get Freaked Out By Traffic Cones, Block Traffic, And Evade Support Vehicles
Making cars drive themselves is very, very hard. Sure, we’ve come an awful long way since that Stanford-modified Volkswagen Touareg won the first DARPA Grand Challenge back in 2005, but we’ve still got a long way to go before full Level 5 autonomy. No matter what anyone says. In case you don’t believe me, why not check out this video of a Waymo robotaxi getting very confused by some traffic cones and causing all kinds of trouble, including escaping from Waymo’s own support team.
Sunday, May 16, 01:02AM  by:shuri
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source Modern Javascript: Everything you missed over the last 10 years
JavaScript has come a long way since I knew it as the “D” in DHTML. For anyone like me, who’s been reluctant to use the latest syntax that could require polyfills or a transpiler, I’ve written this cheatsheet to get you caught up on all the goodness that’s widely supported in modern browsers.
Friday, May 14, 07:20PM  by:shuri
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Friday, May 14, 06:25PM  by:shuri
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Wednesday, May 12, 09:39PM  by:shuri
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source Quantopian Shutdown Offers Some Important Lessons | by Michael Harris | Medium
Quantopian will be remembered as an amazing effort by a small group of motivated and highly capable platform developers to crowd-source alpha in the quantitative trading space. A lot of hard work…
Wednesday, May 12, 04:39PM  by:shuri
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source How do you host your projects ?
To get your projects off the ground, you have to make them available to the public. How do you do that today ? Do you run everything on AWS ? Maybe Hero...
Tuesday, May 11, 08:19PM  by:shuri
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Tuesday, May 11, 08:10PM  by:shuri