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Wednesday, July 22, 11:27AM  by:shuri
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source Design Docs at Google
One of the key elements of Google's software engineering culture is the use of defining software designs through design docs. These are...
Wednesday, July 08, 11:54AM  by:shuri
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source A REST View of GraphQL
In this article, we will talk about: What does the REST architectural style mean? What is GraphQL? What problems does it solve? How is GraphQL incompatible with REST?
Sunday, July 05, 06:52PM  by:shuri
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source Announcing Pylance: Fast, feature-rich language support for Python in Visual Studio Code | Python
We are excited to announce Pylance, our fast and feature-rich language support for Python! Pylance is available today in the Visual Studio Code marketplace. Pylance depends on our core Python extension and builds upon that experience, for those of you who have already installed it.
Sunday, July 05, 02:58PM  by:shuri
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source Choosing a Rust web framework, 2020 edition
A personal blog focused on software, Machine Learning and other passing fads.
Saturday, May 16, 11:09PM  by:shuri
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source Why TypeScript is the best way to write Front-end in 2019–2020+
TypeScript is getting more and more popular in the Front-end environment. Already 80% of developers admit they would like to use or learn TypeScript in their next project. Myself, I have loved it…
Saturday, May 16, 11:47AM  by:shuri
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source Pretending OOP never happened
OOP, for all its excesses, was a big step forward in software engineering. The way to move past OOP is to replace it with another discipline, not anarchy.
Tuesday, May 12, 06:41PM  by:shuri
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Educational blog posts for Rust beginners. Contribute to pretzelhammer/rust-blog development by creating an account on GitHub.
Sunday, May 10, 05:25PM  by:shuri
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source Considering Rust
The Rust programming language has become a serious contender in the space of "systems" programming languages, and has recently been adopted by many of the te...
Sunday, May 10, 12:10PM  by:shuri
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source Criticisms of rust
Rust is on my list of things to try and I have read mostly only good things about it. I want to know about downsides also, before trying. Since I...
Friday, May 08, 03:35AM  by:shuri
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