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Friday, October 23, 10:20PM  by:shuri
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source Interpretability in Machine Learning | by Conor O'Sullivan | Oct, 2020 | Towards Data Science
Should we always trust a model that performs well? A model could reject your application for a mortgage or diagnose you with cancer. The consequences of these decisions are serious and, even if they…
Friday, October 23, 10:20PM  by:shuri
white house,
united states,
social media,
operating systems,
facial recognition,
donald trump,
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Friday, October 23, 09:45PM  by:shuri
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source Data Science without Code | Obviously AI
The entire process of running Data Science - building Machine Learning algorithm, explaining results and predicting outcomes, packed in one single click.
Friday, October 23, 08:46PM  by:shuri
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source Influencers’ next frontier: their own live shopping channels
Live shopping is huge in China, and now tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram are trying to bring it to the US, turning influencers into hosts of their own QVC-like shows.
Friday, October 23, 06:59PM  by:shuri
authoritarian rulers,
white house dinner party,
crucial area,
absolute monarch,
qualities of barry goldwater,
andrew johnson,
subject of major hering.trump,
decent man,
america’s allies,
unqualified candidate,
lyndon b. johnson,
large numbers of voters,
minuteman-missile crewman,
writer ron rosenbaum,
mental instability,
abraham lincoln,
sorts of questions,
human being,
republican party,
terrible record,
forbidden question,
man of experience,
american ideals,
public office,
nuclear weapons,
endorsement of his opponent,
free speech,
unstated assumption,
conspiracy theories,
hillary clinton,
major hering,
defense of the united states,
accidental launching of nuclear weapons,
passing day,
human race,
united states,
air force,
richard nixon,
hering’s question,
american people,
joe biden,
sane president,
national defense strategy of the united states,
major harold hering,
donald trump,
united states air force officer,
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Tuesday, October 20, 12:53PM  by:shuri
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source Why Deep Learning Works Even Though It Shouldn’t
Why models always get better when they are bigger and deeper, even when the amount of data they consume stays the same or gets smaller.
Tuesday, October 20, 12:04PM  by:shuri
adobe creative cloud,
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source Adobe Releases Updates for Creative Cloud Apps on Mac as Adobe MAX 2020 Kicks Off
Adobe holds an annual MAX conference each year, and this year's event is free for everyone for the first time because it is being held virtually...
Saturday, October 17, 08:01PM  by:shuri