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Friday, October 18, 03:28PM  by:shuri
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source Using OAuth2 with Thunderbird and Gmail
To use Thunderbird with your Gmail account, Google tells you to allow “Insecure apps”. However, Thunderbird supports Oauth2 with Gmail. Here’s how to set it up.
Tuesday, October 15, 11:09AM  by:shuri
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source Amazon's AI-powered Textract is now eligible for HIPAA compliance
Amazon revealed that Textract, its AI-powered service capable of automatically extracting text and data from scanned documents, is now HIPAA-eligible.
Friday, October 11, 09:59PM  by:shuri
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source An AI Pioneer Wants His Algorithms to Understand the 'Why'
Deep learning is good at finding patterns in reams of data, but can't explain how they're connected. Turing Award winner Yoshua Bengio wants to change that.
Friday, October 11, 09:56PM  by:shuri
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source Grammarly raises $90M at over $1B+ valuation for its AI-based grammar and writing tools – TechCrunch
While attention continues to be focused on the rise and growing sophistication of voice-based interfaces, a startup that is using artificial intelligence to improve how we communicate through the written word has raised a round of funding to capitalise on its already profitable growth. Grammarly — which provides a toolkit used today by 20 million […]
Thursday, October 10, 08:19PM  by:shuri