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Friday, December 03, 04:44PM  by:shuri
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source INSANE GAME!! | World Chess Championship GAME 6
World Chess Championship 2021 Game 6 between, Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi - score tied 2.5-2.5 after 5 games➡️ 9 Amazing Courses: https://www.goth...
Thursday, December 02, 06:35PM  by:shuri
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source An Illustrated Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography Validation
Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) has become the de facto standard for protecting modern communications. ECC is widely used to perform asymmetric cryptography operations, such as to establish shared secrets or for digital signatures. However, insufficient validation of public keys and parameters is still a frequent cause of confusion, leading to serious vulnerabilities, such as leakage…
Thursday, December 02, 06:35PM  by:shuri
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source Researchers shrink camera to the size of a salt grain
Researchers at Princeton University and the University of Washington have developed an ultracompact camera the size of a coarse grain of salt. The new system can produce crisp, full-color images on par with a conventional compound camera lens 500,000 times larger in volume.
Thursday, December 02, 06:23PM  by:shuri
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source Inside Spotify's Content Recommendation Engine - Blog | Scale Exchange
Spotify is more than just a music streaming service; it’s a powerful content recommendation engine that learns from billions of daily actions by its users, allowing the company to perform collaborative filtering on a massive scale.
Thursday, December 02, 06:20PM  by:shuri
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source Some guidelines for writing web scrapers
I’ve been working on www.rtljobs.com, a job board for RTL and FPGA engineers, since September. Right now, RTLjobs is an aggregator. We index open FPGA/RTL roles at a number of companies, check them for relevance, and post them to our site. I’ve already written two job scraping systems to help ease the work of indexing jobs. Here’s some general rules I’ve come to hold for writing web scrapers and other ETL systems.