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yesterday at 10:27PM  by:shuri
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source Storming Reddit's Moat
A Guide to Reddit, Its Key Competitive Advantages, and How to Unbundle It
Tuesday, January 05, 07:21PM  by:shuri
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source CLIP: Connecting Text and Images
We’re introducing a neural network called CLIP which efficiently learns visual concepts from natural language supervision.
Tuesday, January 05, 07:19PM  by:shuri
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source JupyterLab 3.0 is released!. The 3.0 release of JupyterLab brings… | by Jeremy Tuloup | Jan, 2021 | Jupyter Blog
The 3.0 release of JupyterLab brings many new features to users and substantial improvements to the extension system. (Note that many third-party extensions are still in the process of updating to be…
Tuesday, January 05, 01:22PM  by:shuri
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source The B2B Content Marketing Report
A thorough analysis of 500+ B2B blogs to better understand what's working in the world of B2B content marketing right now.
Thursday, December 10 2020, 12:19PM  by:shuri
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source Community Takes All: The Power of Social+ - Andreessen Horowitz
No category is really won until the social product is built. These are challenges and the open opportunities in building "social+" companies.
Wednesday, November 25 2020, 11:17AM  by:shuri
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source Start a Million-Dollar Business This Weekend
In this video, I walk you through the 5 steps you can take this weekend to get started on your million dollar company. Bookmarks: 0:00 Intro 0:21 The 5-Step ...
Sunday, November 22 2020, 11:13AM  by:shuri
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source Startups: The Very Beginning
This was the talk I gave at Y Combinator's Future Founders Conference for women.  I've given a lot of advice to startups over the past 15 years, but today I'm going to focus on just the advice...
Sunday, November 22 2020, 10:59AM  by:shuri
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source How to Value a Tech Company: How Much is YouTube Worth Today?
A practical tutorial in how to value a tech company. How much is YouTube worth? Follow a practical 6 step valuation checklist to estimate the valuation of YouTube. Free download complete financial model and learn to perform your own valuation.
Wednesday, November 18 2020, 11:55AM  by:shuri
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source How Mr Beast Goes Viral Every Week
In the last 12 months, Mr Beast has gotten close to 7 BILLION views on YouTube… that’s like if every person on earth watched one of his videos!! How the heck...
Tuesday, November 10 2020, 10:43AM  by:shuri
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source Architecting Moonshots. “We need a dream-world to discover the… | by Eirini Malliaraki | Oct, 2020 | Medium
This is an effort to consolidate my thinking. I will explore different dimensions of large scale programmes for technoscientific R&D. My quest is driven by general interest and day to day challenges…
Tuesday, November 10 2020, 10:41AM  by:shuri
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source I sold Baremetrics - Baremetrics
2020 has turned in to one of the most unusual years of my life, for both the obvious reasons but also for reasons I definitely wasn't expecting at the
Thursday, November 05 2020, 11:33PM  by:shuri
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source How to Build a Revenue Growth Engine For Your Startup
What can you learn today to get the most growth in your SaaS business? In this video, I'm going to deconstruct my top 5 takeaways from the best book on busin...
Monday, October 26 2020, 11:06PM  by:shuri
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source Linktree raises $10.7M for its lightweight mini-profiles – TechCrunch
Simple, link-centric user profiles might not sound like a particularly ambitious idea, but it’s been more than big enough for Linktree. The Melbourne startup says that 8 million users — whether they’re celebrities like Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa or brands like HBO and Red Bull — have created profiles on the platform, with those […]
Friday, October 23 2020, 09:45PM  by:shuri
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source Data Science without Code | Obviously AI
The entire process of running Data Science - building Machine Learning algorithm, explaining results and predicting outcomes, packed in one single click.
Friday, October 23 2020, 08:46PM  by:shuri
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source Influencers’ next frontier: their own live shopping channels
Live shopping is huge in China, and now tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram are trying to bring it to the US, turning influencers into hosts of their own QVC-like shows.
Saturday, October 17 2020, 10:05AM  by:shuri
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source My 3 revenue streams as a developer | by Mehdi Farsi | The Developer’s Journey | Oct, 2020 | Medium
In 2017, I started to be bored to only generating revenues through freelance work. So I decided to try as hard as possible to generate $10 000/month without freelance work and with a minimum of time…
Monday, October 05 2020, 11:12PM  by:shuri
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source How we built a $1m ARR SaaS startup – Canny Blog
Canny recently hit a major milestone: one million dollars in annual recurring revenue. Here's how we built a $1m ARR SaaS startup from the ground up.
Thursday, October 01 2020, 05:27PM  by:shuri
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source TextFromToSpeech.com - website listed on Flippa
TextFromToSpeech is an online tool for converting text into speech and vice versa, as well as for transcribing files.
Thursday, October 01 2020, 05:26PM  by:shuri
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source TextFromToSpeech.com - website listed on Flippa
TextFromToSpeech is an online tool for converting text into speech and vice versa, as well as for transcribing files.
Thursday, October 01 2020, 03:33PM  by:shuri
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source The SaaS Website Content You Need to Close Sales [Data]
This is the SaaS website content you need to close more sales, based on online searches of 1,000s of SaaS buyers.
Thursday, October 01 2020, 03:31PM  by:shuri
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source Mathew Cropper | Imposter syndrome, performance reviews, and a little bit of CBT to ease the pain
Our work lives are riddled with anxieties. One that haunts people is imposter syndrome. The belief that we are a fraud, doubting our accomplishments and talents. Over the course of this year, I've experimented with applying principles from the world of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to get a better handle on things.
Thursday, October 01 2020, 03:29PM  by:shuri
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source How Notion Built A $2B SaaS Startup Through Community
Breaking down the strategies Notion has used to build a $2 billion company, grow to 1 million users, pull in 20M+ site visits monthly & hit 40,000 referring domains in <4 years.
Thursday, October 01 2020, 03:27PM  by:shuri
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source Minimum Viable Demo is Live
After several months of very part time work I have the demo live at www.artwerks.io/demo. Artwerks is an AI driven art discovery platform. The demo is a...