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Tuesday, October 01, 05:00PM  by:shuri
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source Quote: A complex system that works is invariably…
A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be patched up to make it work. You have to start over, beginning with a working simple system.
Tuesday, October 01, 12:22PM  by:shuri
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source Why you shouldn’t ignore your competitors
I’ve been told countless times to ignore my competitors. Basically, pretend they don’t exist. Instead, I’m told to focus on my customers. That’s been the common advice for years. Repeated by the likes of Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, Dharmesh Shah and Jack Ma.
Wednesday, September 11, 11:55AM  by:shuri
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source The Fear of Beginning Again
In his book So good they can’t ignore you, Cal Newport systematically (and often humorously) builds a case against the popular career advice of follow
Monday, September 02, 03:48PM  by:shuri
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source Brex's $57 Million Pitch Deck | Business Insider Prime
A buzzy startup raised $57 million from Peter Thiel and Y Combinator using these 19 slides. Get started by reading the full pitch deck.
Wednesday, August 28, 04:14PM  by:shuri
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source How Gerald Ratner lost $10B in 10 seconds
Today's tweet-obsessed business leaders are playing with fire. Case in point: Gerald Ratner, the CEO of the UK's biggest jewelry chain who, in 1991, sealed his own fate with an ill-timed joke.
Friday, August 23, 04:36PM  by:shuri
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source Toy maker Hasbro to buy Peppa Pig owner for $4bn
The US toy maker will expand its entertainment portfolio with other preschool brands including PJ Masks.
Monday, August 19, 02:29PM  by:shuri
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source Is the Product-Market Fit survey accurate?
How do you know if your product has real traction? Here are good ideas for product managers and founders.
Thursday, August 08, 07:37PM  by:shuri
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source My experience with BetaList
As requested in response to my post about being featured on BetaList, I will share my experience and some numbers. If you don't care about the backgroun...
Tuesday, August 06, 08:20PM  by:shuri
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source Your Job is to Make Art - Seth Godin at ConvertKit Craft & Commerce 2017
// This is Seth Godin's main stage talk from Craft + Commerce 2017. If you like what you see, learn more and grab tickets to the next Craft + Commerce right ...
Monday, August 05, 11:12AM  by:shuri
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Tuesday, July 30, 06:52PM  by:shuri
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source Kevin Hale - How to Evaluate Startup Ideas Pt . 1
YC Partner Kevin Hale walks us through the process of evaluating ideas and how founders should think about their startups. You can find the lecture slides an...
Sunday, July 28, 08:53AM  by:shuri
emma chamberlain’s squad,
teen vogue.the site’s founder,
disney’s maker studios,
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biggest tiktok star,
evan britton,
famous birthdays,
famous birthdays.despite,
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source A Wikipedia for Generation Z
Famous Birthdays has become a go-to database of teen culture—and is ushering in a whole new generation of stars.
Wednesday, July 24, 03:38PM  by:shuri
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source Changing Gears: What it's REALLY like to start selling products instead of your time.
Watch behind the scenes and in real time as one creative consultant makes the transition from seller her consulting services to selling her own educational products.
Monday, July 22, 12:05PM  by:shuri
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source Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2019
Forbes searched the country for the 25 fast-growing, venture-backed startups most likely to reach $1 billion in value.
Sunday, July 14, 01:27PM  by:shuri
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source How to be more social at events and conferences
People assume I've always been outgoing and confident. But I used to be the shyest kid in my class!
Friday, July 12, 04:24PM  by:shuri
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source How did you validate your product?
It's a question I keep seeing appear here on IH. There is theory about validating your product, then there is real life. Claire Lew's short answer of va...
Tuesday, June 25, 04:06PM  by:shuri
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source The Empty Promise of Data Moats
Data has long been lauded as a competitive moat for companies, and that narrative’s been further hyped with the recent wave of AI startups. Network effects have been similarly promoted as a defensi…
Tuesday, June 25, 03:08PM  by:shuri
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machine learning,
data scientists,
google makes it easier to analyze machine learning data with bigquery and kaggle,
mike wheatley,
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Tuesday, June 25, 03:06PM  by:shuri
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source How I bootstrapped my side project into a $20k/mo lifestyle business - Indie Hackers
Hello! I'm Buster Benson. I wanted to write the Great American Novel and got a degree in creative writing before getting swept up in the wonders of the...
Tuesday, June 25, 02:10PM  by:shuri
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source I Got 103 Blog Post Ideas in 30 Minutes: Here’s How to Do It
Learn how to come up with 100+ blog post ideas in 30 minutes or less. This is a simple 3-step process that anyone can follow.
Sunday, June 23, 02:40PM  by:shuri
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source How a janitor at Frito-Lay invented Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Richard Montañez went from cleaning toilets to being one of the most creative executives in the food industry. But first, he had to call the CEO...